Welcome to Vital Force Gaming!

We sell our Magic: The Gathering singles almost exclusively through Card Market.

We avoid keeping excess sealed stock but do have various Commander decks, various boosters and some accessories for sale.

We use eBay for any oddities we end up with or for items we’re looking to sell quickly.

Established in December 2018, we’ve grown from having one, 4000 cardboard storage box worth of stock to having multiple industrial sized shelving units that occupy a good chunk of the communal living area in a shared flat (luckily we share our love of MTG).

Vital Force Gaming consists of just one full-time member of staff but has numerous helpful elves (or goblins!) that help out at busy periods (or the minion currently helping with the website site!)

As collectors and gamers ourselves, we like to think that we understand what’s important to our customers and we pride ourselves on being able to offer great value for money.

… and finally, we use Facebook as our main means of communication, so if you’re after something we don’t have listed or if we have something you want but you want to discuss the price, feel free to drop us a message there! Thanks for stopping by!